Information management

You will not get lost in data with us

    Our Reporting and Business Inteligence (BI) solutions will help you transform company and market information into concrete knowledge ("inteligence") for stragegical and operative decisions. With this knowledge you will be able to succesfully optimilize your processes, relationships with clients and suppliers and basically manage whole organisation.

    Main contribution

    • Information support of main processes (management, finance, business, manufacture and more) of excellent quality
    • Pressure on efficiency improvement of processes and performance
    • Possibility of management delegation and follow-up supervision
    • Costs saving for work with information (and not only that)
    We have suitable software solution for planning, budgeting and forecasting. Thanks to automated data integration of reality with your plans you will be able to manage, plan and validate plan fulfilment quickly and efficiently. Budgeting & planning using Targetty -> more information on
    We will help you with databases from A to Z. Databases for applications, or big data warehouses, nothing is problem for us. We will ensure your data will be safely stored and quickly accesable at the same time.
    Do you have your key data under control? With our master data administration tool, you will be able to effectively and safely consolidate/administrate them across the whole organisation.
    We will ensure your systems will be able to exchange data. We automatize import/export across applications, even towards users. We also detect exceptions and inconsistency in data and point them out if necessary. Potentialy we can automaticly correct these issues.
    According to your needs we can develop modern application for PC or mobile devices. We will also support it in case of interest.

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